We understand how women feel, think and thrive

Timely is a social enterprise created by the Women in Business NI Group. Our mission is to remove the obstacles, anxiety and challenges that women who want to return to work often face. We will enable and empower women, through training and a jobs board, to get back into work by connecting them to the right support and the right jobs, at the right time for them.

Search for jobs that work for you

For many women returners, full-time work is simply not a realistic option, yet it is still often difficult to find skilled jobs, careers and opportunities that respect the other commitments and demands in our lives.

Timely has created a hub that respects the non-traditional working week. All the positions we list are either part-time, offer flexible working patterns, are job share or term time only.

Our founding partners

If you would like to know more about our founding partners, and the work they are doing to help their employees build meaningful careers, please click the button below.

Career support that can help you move forward

Finding the right role can be a daunting experience full of challenges, both practical and emotional. Are the right roles out there? Will I have the correct skillset? How will this affect my family? Will they value what I can offer?

Returning to work or changing direction may be a small step or a big leap, but it is always a significant decision – we will be there to back you up.

Peer support

The extensive WIB Network gives our customers access to shared wisdom and nurtures a team mentality. You’re not alone!

CV assistance

If you don’t have a CV, or you’re not confident writing a CV, our online wizard will help you put your best foot forward.

Online and in-person training

We offer online and in-person training, connecting you to a trusted figures who can support you with knowledge and guidance.


Our on-line library of articles, research and shared knowledge means you can find reputable help for many subjects

If you want to return to work after taking a career break, or are searching for a new job that works for you, Timely will support you. Sign up for free.

Timely Events

At Timely, we run free monthly events for our members aimed to inform, educate and up skill women. Please sign up to access the events for free and email info@timelycareers.com to register for an event.

Presenting your best self on screen

When? Tuesday 26 September, 11.30am – 12.30pm

Where? Online

Delivered by Lisa Duffy, Founder and Director of Bright Young Things Drama

Who you do you look at and think…
– ‘They just exude confidence
– ‘They know how to control their voice, body and eye contact in order to command authority
– ‘They know exactly how to command and enthral their audience’?

Actors and Theatre Professionals spend their lives training in voice techniques, reading and adopting body language, gauging people, getting into a character
and conveying their intention with absolute purpose. They are masters in Confidence, Communication and Creativity.

Lisa Duffy is a LAMDA trained professional Actor, a qualified Primary School teacher, an experienced Performing Arts Lecturer and a Confidence and
Presence specialist.

In a fun and practical seminar, Lisa will breakdown the keys to communicating confidence online and equip you with a toolbox of techniques and skills to help you to
Present Your Best Self on screen such as online interviews or presentations.

Please email us at info@timelycareers.com to register your interest.

Preparing for the Next Chapter

A First Derivative and Timely Careers Event

When? Wednesday 11 October, 10.00am – 12.00pm

Where? First Derivative, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, BT2 8HD

At “Preparing for the next chapter” you will have the opportunity to hear from a diverse range of women and businesses on how to set yourself up for success in your career and prepare for a return to work, or change of career.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Timely Careers – Insights and Advice tailored to women returning to work and seeking part-time and flexible opportunities
  • Diversity Mark – The Importance of Women in the workforce
  • Testimonies from women in First Derivative about what working post-covid looks like for them.
  • Dress For Success will share their mission to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.
  • Breda McCague, Director of Emotional Intelligence at First Derivative, will give a motivational talk on empowering women to reach their potential.
  • Q&A for our panel

If you are a woman in the working world, or who would like to return to work and could use some tips and advice on how to start off or excel in her career, please join us!

Please book at the following link: https://shorturl.at/ehmtO

New event updates coming soon!

For Employers

As well as supporting women, we also strive to support businesses by connecting them to a unique pool of talent, knowing that those connections will have a positive impact on their businesses and our economy.

We celebrate the businesses that are working hard to effect change. The businesses that want to hire women returners because they recognise the value in creating and recruiting for non-traditional 9-5 roles. They acknowledge the financial benefits, and the benefits that flexibility brings in terms of creating a positive work environment, culture, increasing staff retention rates and enhancing employee engagement.

If you have roles that need filled by top candidates, Timely can help you connect with skilled, experienced and professional women through our unique jobs board.

An incredible pool of talent to fill your open vacancies

By advertising your open roles on the Timely platform, you are tapping into candidates that are engaged, and who want to further their careers.

Many of the candidates on the Timely platform are here because they struggle to find part-time or flexible career opportunities through the regular channels, which is where we are so different.

We promote roles that have an element of flexibility, for employers that see the value in thinking outside the 9-5.

If you would like to post your jobs on Timely, or discuss the platform in more detail, please contact us by emailing info@timelycareers.com

This is a business for women and we’re not going to ignore the fact that progress for women returners needs to happen faster than it is. It’s our duty to get Timely out there and stop so many women feeling dispirited.

Roseann Kelly, MBE, Timely

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