We understand how women feel, think and thrive

Timely is a social enterprise created by the Women in Business NI Group. Our mission is to remove the obstacles, anxiety and challenges that women who want to return to work often face. We will enable and empower women, through training and a jobs board, to get back into work by connecting them to the right support and the right jobs, at the right time for them.

The WiB Group

Women in Business is an integral part of The WiB Group. The WiB Group is an umbrella group of social enterprises that are dedicated in the mission to help create a prosperous, inclusive economy for Northern Ireland.

Through Women in BusinessDiversity MarkTimely Careers and Centre of Learning, The WiB Group is committed to driving positive change through connections, accreditations, employment opportunities and skills development. Join us in our mission, where the collective power of everyone’s contributions propels us towards a brighter, more equitable future for all.

Search for jobs that work for you

For many women returners, full-time work is simply not a realistic option, yet it is still often difficult to find skilled jobs, careers and opportunities that respect the other commitments and demands in our lives.

Timely has created a hub that respects the non-traditional working week. All the positions we list are either part-time, offer flexible working patterns, are job share or term time only.

Our founding partners

If you would like to know more about our founding partners, and the work they are doing to help their employees build meaningful careers, please click the button below.

Career support that can help you move forward

Finding the right role can be a daunting experience full of challenges, both practical and emotional. Are the right roles out there? Will I have the correct skillset? How will this affect my family? Will they value what I can offer?

Returning to work or changing direction may be a small step or a big leap, but it is always a significant decision – we will be there to back you up.

Peer support

The extensive WIB Network gives our customers access to shared wisdom and nurtures a team mentality. You’re not alone!

CV assistance

If you don’t have a CV, or you’re not confident writing a CV, our online wizard will help you put your best foot forward.

Online and in-person training

We offer online and in-person training, connecting you to a trusted figures who can support you with knowledge and guidance.


Our on-line library of articles, research and shared knowledge means you can find reputable help for many subjects

If you want to return to work after taking a career break, or are searching for a new job that works for you, Timely will support you. Sign up for free.

Timely Events

At Timely, we run free monthly events for our members aimed to inform, educate and up skill women. Please sign up to access the events for free and email info@timelycareers.com to register for an event.

Unlock Your Potential: Empowering Women to Return Stronger!

Do you want to embark on a career comeback after a break? We’ve tailored an exclusive event just for you! Introducing our Mock Interview Workshop, designed to bolster women re-entering the workforce after maternity leave, time out to raise or care for family, or simply a career hiatus.

Here’s what’s on offer at this 1-1 opportunity:

  •  Personalised Guidance: Our expert HR professionals will provide tailored mock interviews, boosting your confidence and refining your skills
  • Empathetic Support: Connect with a supportive community of like-minded women, sharing experiences and insights to inspire your journey
  • Career-Ready Tools: Gain access to expertise and interview tips, ensuring you stand out at every opportunity
  • Confidence Boost: Conquer interview anxiety in a friendly, encouraging environment, so you’re ready to secure your dream job!

When? Flexibility offered regarding dates to suit you.

If you’re interested in reviving your career, register your interest in this event by emailing info@timelycareers.com

Interview Skills Workshop

Are you ready to return to work or change careers? Join us for a bespoke Interview Skills Workshop designed to empower you with the tools and confidence needed to perform at your best at any interview.

Our free online event will be delivered by Jayne Galloway, Senior HR Advisor at Herbert Smith Freehills LLP.

During this session, Jayne will cover the following areas.

Preparation: Discover tips on how to meticulously prepare for your next interview, from researching the company to understanding the role inside out.

Learn how to answer competency based questions: Gain valuable insights into how to provide compelling responses that showcase your skills and experiences effectively.

Present your best self: Despite your skills and experience, this part can often be difficult when you’re nervous. Learn to think about your body language and communication techniques in order to create a lasting impression of your real self.

Take the next step towards your career goals and register your place today.

Where? Online

When? Wednesday 29th May – 10.00am – 11.00am

Click here to register now.

Information Session: Financial Support for Working Parents

We recognise that one of the main barriers, challenges and cause of anxiety for many parents, and prospective parents, is the cost of childcare when returning to work.

With this in mind, we are bringing you this online event which is specifically aimed at parents considering or planning a return to work, as well as prospective parents.  It will look at financial support for working parents and focus on the key barrier to returning to work – childcare costs.

Many people don’t realise that even if they are working they may still be entitled to financial help.
Whether it’s a first-time parent wanting to know what support is available, someone considering
altering their hours of work or a family member living with a disability or additional needs. The
team of experts will be happy to work out what is best for each individual’s circumstances.

The information session will be an introduction to the Family Benefits Advice Team and the services that Employers for Childcare can provide including access to their helpline and personalised better off calculations.

It will cover the main forms of support available for help with childcare costs and the changes in these over the past few years.  Information will also be provided on the topics below.

The old system:

  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Tax Credits

The new system:

  • Tax Free Childcare
  • Eligibility rules and potential savings
  • Universal Credit (Inc the move to Universal Credit from existing benefits and its 2024-25 roll out)

This event is FREE to attend.  

Please share with anyone within your network that you think would benefit from attending. 

When? Wednesday 12th June- 10.30am -11.30am

Register now via: Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

More events coming soon.

For Employers

As well as supporting women, we also strive to support businesses by connecting them to a unique pool of talent, knowing that those connections will have a positive impact on their businesses and our economy.

We celebrate the businesses that are working hard to effect change. The businesses that want to hire women returners because they recognise the value in creating and recruiting for non-traditional 9-5 roles. They acknowledge the financial benefits, and the benefits that flexibility brings in terms of creating a positive work environment, culture, increasing staff retention rates and enhancing employee engagement.

If you have roles that need filled by top candidates, Timely can help you connect with skilled, experienced and professional women through our unique jobs board.

An incredible pool of talent to fill your open vacancies

By advertising your open roles on the Timely platform, you are tapping into candidates that are engaged, and who want to further their careers.

Many of the candidates on the Timely platform are here because they struggle to find part-time or flexible career opportunities through the regular channels, which is where we are so different.

We promote roles that have an element of flexibility, for employers that see the value in thinking outside the 9-5.

If you would like to post your jobs on Timely, or discuss the platform in more detail, please contact us by emailing info@timelycareers.com

This is a business for women and we’re not going to ignore the fact that progress for women returners needs to happen faster than it is. It’s our duty to get Timely out there and stop so many women feeling dispirited.

Roseann Kelly, MBE, Timely

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